Booking a Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Booking an ECG Test at a Hospital in East Kent

This site allows you to book an appointment for an Electrocardiogram (ECG) This booking service, brought in to help observe social distancing, it is now available across all our hospital sitesNormally you would have received a form from a doctor, or a hospital doctor has sent us a request on your behalf - either way you can book it now if you plan to have your ECG done in any of our hospitals. Please select your chosen site to begin the booking process at the bottom of this page.

ONLY Make an appointment for an ECG if you have received a request form from your doctor or been given instruction to do so by a hospital consultant. Without a form or instruction from the hospital doctor we will be unable to perform your ECG. Please do not book an appointment unless you have this information and please remember to bring this with you when you attend

Note: If the patient is under 16 years old, please only book at William Harvey location. For paediatric ECG's at other sites please call the number below

If you are unable to book via the portal please call 01227 206680

What will happen when I arrive?

On arrival please wait in the designated cardiology waiting areas. We need you to keep the contact you have with other patients to a minimum so therefore please do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. Occasionally unexpected events occur and there may be a queue in which case we ask that you to wait to be called staying a safe distance from other people.

An electrocardiogram - or ECG - is a simple and useful test which records the rhythm, rate and electrical activity of your heart.

Ten small sticky patches called electrodes are put on your arms, legs and chest. These are connected by wires to an ECG machine which picks up the electrical signals that make your heart beat. This electrical activity is recorded and printed onto paper.

For more information follow this link

How do I know when its my turn?

By supplying an email address or mobile phone number as part of the booking process you will receive a confirmatory email or text message with your appointment date and time. On the day of the appointment the cardiographer will call your name when it’s your turn.

What if I need to change my appointment?

Within the confirmatory text message and email that you will receive as part of the booking confirmation there is the facility to reschedule or cancel your appointment. If you are unable to attend please cancel or reschedule as soon as possible allowing the appointment to be available to other patients.

Coronavirus update

You must wear something that covers your nose and mouth when you go to a hospital.

If you're having surgery or a procedure:

  • you, the people you live with and anyone in your support bubble may need to self-isolate before you go into hospital

  • you may need a test to check if you have coronavirus before you go into hospital

  • your hospital will contact you with more information about what you need to do

Where do you want your test?